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Great to see so many players at the Pony Club Polocrosse Tournament! Well done to everyone involved 👍🐴🐎 #polocrosse #ponyclub

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Northern Lions logo Northern Lions Training Weekend 2016 (2/06/2016) - May Bank Holiday saw the annual Northern Lions / Percy Hunt Pony Club polocrosse training weekend take place in Northumberland at Longbank Farm, hosted by Harry and Caroline Chrisp. There were 39 players and ponies playing over the three days, with practice chukkas on Sunday afternoon and Monday morning. Abilities ranged from total beginners up…
UKPA Nationals on Horse and Country TV Website (18/10/2015) - An article covering Kent Target’s retention of the UKPA Nationals Trophy can be seen on the Horse and Country TV website.  
Media Article in Horse and Countryside Magazine – Polocrosse World Cup (15/10/2015) - Horse and Countryside Magazine have published an article on the UK at the Polocrosse World Cup in tis month’s issue. To download the article see here.    
This is Africa World Cup 2015 (13/08/2015) - Seems odd to start a report about the 2015 World Cup in Africa with a discussion about the weather but I am. We arrive in Durban and traveled to our hotel in coats, jumpers and hats, wake up to T shirts and shorts, sun goes down around 5 and it’s cold again. (Just a little…
Great Northern Tournament in the Media (27/07/2015) - An article about the Great Northern Tournament is on the Horse and Countryside magazine website and Facebook page.  Please go to the Facebook page and Like the article. See the articles here; Horse and Countryside Magazine website Horse and Countryside Magazine Facebook page    
Report from the World Cup (6/07/2015) - Provided by Iain Heaton The United Kingdom Polocrosse team have made it through the World Cup group stages and will face Zambia in a semi final on Friday the 10th of July. The UK team had to finish in the top two of their group to go through and they started their campaign with a…
Polocrosse in the Media Again (3/07/2015) - Some new articles about polocrosse in Native Pony and All Horse magazines. These include articles on the Early Season Tournament and on Maeghan Brown from Arden Polocrosse Club and her pony Bobby Sox. See them here. All Horse (EST Report) All Horse (Maeghan) Native Pony (Maeghan) Thanks to Native Pony and All Horse magazines for…
Polocrosse in the Media (21/05/2015) - Two new articles have been published on media websites about the latest polocrosse tournaments, to see them click on the links below. It is important that polocrosse is given a higher profile because we want to grow the sport and giving it more media coverage makes it more mainstream.  If you do anything polocrosse related…
H&C Mag Front The Full Horse and Countryside Article Now Available (13/02/2015) - The full Horse and Countryside Polocrosse article is now available here. If you like the article then please ‘like’ H&C Magazine’s Facebook page to encourage them to show more articles.  They will be putting in a full article on the UK Team at the World Cup too. See the article here H&C Polocrosse article
H&C Mag Front Polocrosse Article in Horse and Countryside Magazine (30/01/2015) - H&C magazine’s Feb/March issue (now available at all good magazine retailers) includes a 6 page article on polocrosse.  Much of the information comes from Anna Tarbuck of Celyn, but there are contributors from Ireland too.