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UKPA Negotiates Personal Accident Insurance for Members

The UKPA has added on Personal Accident Insurance to its current third party liability cover, so as to provide better protection to its members while playing

In previous years members have expressed their concern at potential shortcomings in the insurance cover secured by the UKPA to cover various risks. After a detailed discussion with the Association’s brokers and listening to member’s concerns the major issue that came to light was that of player to player cover.

The previous situation was that if, whilst on horseback, one player caused injury to another, the UKPA insurance policy did not provide any protection to the parties involved, (UKPA coaches, umpires and other officials were always covered when on horseback, it was purely players which were not) . This gave rise to the unfortunate situation where one player could accidentally suffer serious injury at the hands of another and be unable to secure financial compensation because the player responsible for the injury is not insured and has no assets of any consequence. Alternatively a player with significant assets could, if the case were proven in court, find himself penniless.

As a result of an historic claim concerning a French polo player some years ago that settled for several million Euros it is, and has been for some time, impossible to purchase player to player third party liability cover, which is why UKPA does not have it and cannot purchase it!

However, there is an alternative form of cover, Personal Accident insurance, that provides a most helpful level of cover, with the added benefit that blame does not need to be proven and no court case is required to illicit settlement, and it is this cover that the UKPA has now purchased for its membership. To put it simply, if an accident happens that causes injury that qualifies the insurer will pay the injured member according to a tariff scale.

Personal Accident Insurance is a defined benefit insurance product that is in addition to any insurance some members may already have, so it does not get diluted, or averaged in insurance company terms, but would pay on top of any other cover. Therefore it is not rendered valueless by any member who may have some form of cover and it provides excellent cover for those who do not.

By purchasing insurance “en bloc” for the whole membership, which reduces administration to an absolute minimum the UKPA has achieved a level of cover that would on an individual basis cost in excess of £250 per annum to a little over £20 per annum. However it clearly must be an “all or nothing” deal and unfortunately it has meant a rise in the cost of the annual subscription.

A simple summary of the benefits is:

Accidental Death £100,000

Loss of both eyes £100,000

Loss of one eye £50,000

Loss of 2 limbs £100,000

Loss of one limb £50,000

Loss of one eye and one limb £100,000

Permanent Total Disablement £100,000

As noted above, the UKPA membership across all membership catergories has had to increase to deal with the extra cost of insurance premiums but the UKPA felt it had no choice but to purchase this cover and ensure its members are as protected as they could be. There was no way the UKPA could absorb the extra insurance cost itself and so has had to pass it on. This is the only reason for the increase in membership costs this year and there has been no increase for inflation or any other reasons, indeed the UKPA has not increased its membership costs for any other reason for 3 years now.

Independent Insurance for UKCC Coaches

Additionally the UKPA has negotiated further cover for UKPA UKCC qualified coaches to level 2 and above.  For a small fee (Contact the UKPA Treasurer for the exact amount) a UKPA member who is a fully qualified UKCC coach at level 2 or higher can be insured to carry out coaching outside of the confines of the UKPA, ie. For personal gain.  This policy covers you even when coaching persons on your own horses.  Details of this insurance can be found on page 6 of the Evidence of Insurance 2015.

Please note, if you intend to provide horses to pupils for financial reward it is likely you will need a Riding School Licence from your local council.

Evidence of Insurance 2015