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On this page you can find out about the UKPA umpiring regulations, along with info for umpires to keep up to date with latest rule changes!

Any queries should be referred to the Chief Umpire Danny Duhig – chiefumpire(@)

Danny is supported by fourteen ‘Executive Umpires’ who assist him in managing the umpiring system. Click here to find out more about the Executive Umpires.

UKPA Umpire Course Powerpoint Presentation

Umpires-course-notes-25-Oct Course Instructor Notes

 Q: Can anyone umpire?

A: No, only a qualified umpire over the age of 16 years may umpire. First you have to undergo a course of instruction and then sit an umpire’s exam which asks questions on rules and regulations of the game, such as when to blow for a foul, dangerous play and so forth.

Only qualified Umpires may umpire at UKPA Tournaments.

Q: How do I become qualified?

A: By completing an umpire course and passing the umpires’ exam. Speak to your club chief umpire.

Q: Can I umpire any grade?

A: No, you can only umpire a grade you are qualified to umpire in. To find your umpiring grade look at the current grading list. Normally a new umpire will be given the grading of D/E. This means you can umpire an E match or a D match if you are with an umpire with a full D grade or above.

Q: How can I prepare for my umpires test?

A: You will need to have a full knowledge of the latest UKPA rulebook so study it very carefully. Watch other umpires when you can, and see how they run the game. Umpire courses will be held during the season. Please contact your Club Umpire or an Executive Umpire to organise courses or to find out when the next course is to be held.  The list of questions which from which the exams are taken can be downloaded from the Umpire Exam Question Bank.

Q: When can I take an umpire exam?

A: Umpire exams will normally follow directly after a course given by an Executive Umpire. These may occur at tournaments or arranged by your club.

Q: Is it true I can’t play at the UKPA Nationals if I haven’t passed my exam?

A: To be eligible to play at the UKPA Nationals, it is a requirement that players who are aged 16 or over and on a playing grade of 3 and above or have played for three seasons prior to the present one must have passed their UKPA umpires exam.

Q: So I’ve passed my test – what’s next?

A: Once you have passed your exam you are able to umpire and will be allocated suitable games by tournament organisers. Initially you will be with a more experienced umpire to help you to learn the ropes.

Q: Now I am a qualified how will I be informed of rule changes?

A: All umpires must have a refresher each year. These will be included in the umpires’ briefing at each tournament so you only need to attend those briefings.

Any umpire who does not attend a briefing during a year must sit the full course and exam in the following year to be eligible to umpire and play at Nationals.

Q: How can I check my umpire grade?

A: Umpire grades currently allocated are shown on the current grading list. Umpires should check this list regularly for any changes and the list is for use by tournament organisers in allocating named umpires for each match.